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Happy bunny today…

October 21, 2009
Apple - what? Cake? Clafoutis?

Apple - what? Cake? Clafoutis?

Yesterday I caught a glimpse of something interesting on the “Community Noticeboard” at our local supermarket… “For Sale – Cider Press, cost £70 last year, will accept £20…” I fairly scuttled home and jumped on the phone. To cut a long story short, the press and the Pulpmaster to go with it were delivered to my door at 8.30 this morning, and the last of my windfalls are now history! There’s a large jug (just under 3l) of delicious brown juice in my fridge; not really enough to make cider with, but better by far than just rotting down quietly in my compost heap. And I got to thinking that there must be something productive you can do with the leftover pomace, so I tried my hand at an easy-looking American apple cake recipe. It didn’t come out very cake-like, as it’s very moist; more like a clafoutis, really, but it is utterly scrumptious & moreish… and there are two more cartons of pomace waiting in my fridge which might just get made into more apple butter, if I have time tomorrow.

I did have to ask why he was selling it, but the answer was deeply reassuring – he’s invested in a bigger one!


Famous last words…

October 19, 2009

I didn’t really mean it. I really, really didn’t want to be ill more often (see last post) but I was daft enough to say it… so, naturally, here I am, suffering from a second heavy cold, and without the strength to sort anything at all out this time. And in between, my doc has broken the news that actually I have severe osteoarthritis of the right hip & will need a “resurfacing” operation ASAP…

After our romantic trip to London was somewhat limited by the fact that I was hobbling and biting my lip most of the time, I went to my GP and asked her to sort it out, not for the first time. When I think back, I’ve been hobbling on & off for at least 17 years now; about 10 years ago she did send me to the physios & request X-rays, but they countermanded that request, saying that as I had a full range of movement, the pain was really located in my back so ab exercises would sort it all out… and in the intervening time, I have only ever mentioned it in passing, as a constant niggle rather than something that was beginning to become life-limiting. So I’m not blaming my doc in any way, shape or form. But knowing that something really is up does explain a lot.

I had to cancel what should have been my last “show” of the season, as I was in too much pain & too tired to complete my preparations for it, having done another trip to London to take the girls to an exhibition at the BM. And I can see that I am going to have to dispose of a lot of the stuff I’ve accumulated for my shop & stall as I really cannot “just sort it all out” when it’s spread all over the floor etc. Luckily someone else is setting up doing what I was hoping to do, so I can pass a lot of it on to her, and I will concentrate on the things I do best; the books, the vintage linens & lace, the sewing machines, parts & other tools and the things that I make myself and have commissions for. The rest must go… so my next challenge is to see that none of it goes to waste.

I have my appointment to see the consultant next month; I don’t know what the waiting lists are like but I can see that it’s going to be an interesting year!