Christmas is on the horizon…

Made with fabric, trim & thread from the Scrapstore

…and I’ve been busy with my usual round of Christmas swaps & challenges. I always end up swearing never to sign up for any ever again, but every September Christmas seems so far away & I think I’ll have plenty of time…  

I’m especially happy that I’ve managed to do most of them without having to buy anything new; everything in the stocking above came from the Dorset Scrapstore. But I may have got a bit carried away with decluttering in summer (stop laughing in the back row there, please!) as when I’d finally come up with an idea for the decoration swap, I discovered I’d gone & Freecycled my remaining polystyrene balls & actually had to go out & buy some. But my idea of covering them with “homespun” fabrics cut from check shirts gleaned from the Tip & embellishing with trims & scraps rescued from a discarded workbox worked very well; so well in fact that I then had to go out & buy some more so that we could make some for ourselves, by popular request! I used the cuff ends of the sleeves for this & have plenty left to make a “country” rag quilt, but will happily pick up any more check shirts I come across because more ideas are trickling into my head, now I’ve got the bit between my teeth & my metaphors well & truly mangled…

Festive baubles made with scraps of discarded shirt & trim...


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